The Signs Of Climate Change: A Complete Guide

Climate change is real. The average temperature of the planet we live in is changing. However, that is not the only way to tell whether or not if climate change is happening. Climate change can have many signs. Keep reading to find out more information regarding the phenomenon known as climate change. 

The main signs of climate change include 

Ice glaciers are melting 

In July 2019, Greenland’s ice sheet melted off and went straight into the Atlantic Ocean. The ice that melted off was nearly nine billion metric tons that melted straight away on July 31st, the hottest day of 2019. It has been the worst melting since 2012 when Greenland’s ice sheet had melted almost 100%, whereas, in 2019, it was only 50%. 

Temperatures Rise 

Climate change and the theory heavily express evidence that temperatures have risen and will continue to increase even more. The fact that when they do arise, it will not be a smooth transition either. It is going to take humans by surprise and leave them hot in sweat. The month of September is prominently becoming warmer every year, and it shows that summer has made its way into fall timing. 

Warmer beaches 

The beaches are getting warm as the climate begins to change, and humans can expect this to go only go further. It is assumed that with time, all signs of climate change will worsen, and the impact of the sun’s warmth will be unreal. The oceans will now have warmer waters, so a daytime swim maybe something to think about twice. 

Ending thoughts 

As discussed, these are some of the signs that lead scientists to believe climate change is real and is happening right now. As humans, the world is in our hands, and it is our responsibility to improve the Earth. So that our children can thrive in it.