Some Interesting Facts About Ecology: A Guide

Ecology is the study of all living organisms and their relationship with the environment that they live. The study covers all living things, including humans. Unlike its famous siblings, such as Science or Chem, Ecology is not a popular subject. However, the study is so impactful that it could help save the Earth. 

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The concept of habitats is essential 

In ecology, the relationship between a living organism and its environment is the basis of learning. It is no doubt studying about different habitats will be essential. An example of the study would include research about nocturnal living beings. Studies of ecology suggest that animals found in extremely hot weather evolved into being nocturnal as they would avoid daytime heat and stay active during the night. 


Another vital topic that is considered in the study of ecology is niche. Living organisms are presumed to produce their crannies. An example would be ants. They build their homes as they go on, and they even make spaces for their young to stay protected from predators. It shows that all living things, even ants, are smarter creatures and evolve. 


One of the most misunderstood concepts of ecology is evolution. People believe the theory of evolution suggests only humans had been chosen to evolve into the smartest living beings on Earth. However, ecology argues that all living things must adapt to different habitats and niches to thrive. And that all of these organisms have at one point, evolved for the better to improve their way of life. 

Ending thoughts 

As discussed, these are some of the main facts that are believed in the study of ecology. Many of these facts may suggest different meanings to people. However, the subject has always been accurate and never incorrect.